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Step 1: Consultation
The first step of planning an event is to understand our client's overall vision and goals.
Len will personally spend time with you to discuss the details of the event.


Step 2: Select Menu, Delivery and Service Preferences
Based on your needs and Lens expertise, build a menu for your event and determine delivery and service preferences.

Step 3: Proposal

Moment in Thyme will create a customized preliminary proposal complete with all possible options including food, labor and rental costs. If needed we will work together to modify the proposal, making revisions to better fit your needs and wants into their budget.

Step 4: Contract of Service
The contract of service is signed, and deposit paid.

Step 5: Prior to Event
A possible tasting may be arranged to finalize the menu, a walkthrough of the event location and a review of the final details and/or concerns.
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